How to get adsense approval for website

How to get adsense approval for website

How to get adsense
How to get adsense

How to get adsense approval for website – It is frequently searched question on google. Today I am going to explain “how to get adsense approval for website“. Before explaining the matter, one thing I want to say here; If you are trying adsense to approve your website only for earning purpose, please do not try for it, you are wasting your time. After approval you are not going to be paid huge amount that will make you rich in a single night.

If you are still reading then you are on right place. The post is for you.

Getting adsense account approval is not tedious task, rather it is very easy! The main issue is to work continuously at least 6 months for generating more revenue.

What are the steps to be done for this?

Okay let’s find that-

Google is also a marketing giant company, it is no doubt that you, me and others believe easily on google. We all have trust on it, why? Because they value the people, they follow the policies set by the government of that country where they work. They also try to be clear in their privacy policies as much as possible, and also they want the same from their adsense partners. If you want adsense for your blogging website in first attempt you can do it by following the some steps.

In this post I assume that you have a website with your registered domain and hosting. First you need to create 6 necessary pages these are Home, About, Blog, Contact, Terms of use and Privacy Policy.


Home is your front page you may set it for your latest post or you may design homepage as a static page where you can give all the information of your website in widgets areas. I prefer to set it for latest post.


The about page explains your website. In this page explain your objectives of blogging. Introduce yourself if your site is a personal blog. Explain here your mission and vision.


This is the page where your articles can be explored. A person visit this page to search an article according to their need. You may set search box here to help your visitors.


This page is set to communicate with your readers or subscribers. Here you must set a contact form with your contact email. You may provide contact number and google map of your location if you want.

Terms of use

This page explains your visitors ‘what are the conditions of using your blog’. Make clear cut explanations. Hiding anything could be future issue, so be clear to your readers.

There are many free templates are available on internet, you can use it, google accepts these templates.

Privacy Policy

The most important page of your website. Here you will have to provide your data policy that means what will you do with the users personal data, how users personal data is safe and secure. If your blogging site needs signing up explain why. If you need users email id, mobile number, age, sex etc. explain in this page why you need. Cookies policy must be set if you use cookies.

There also many free website where you can create your privacy policy page, google accepts these templates.

Now it’s time to write blog post. You must have some ideas of topics so you must have crated at least one post. This post will give another topic idea. So you need to crate at least 10 posts each post should be of at least 1000 -1500 words. If you want to read more about blogging tips, read How to be a Successful Blogger

Apply for adsense

After writing blog post you can apply for adsense. It is 100% chances for approval if you do not have copied from others. Make sure you use royalty free images or images purchased by you. Do not use downloaded images from google in your blog post otherwise you will be disqualified for adsense.

If you get adsense approved for your website please comment below. If you want post like this please help me by subscribing my blog post.


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