Successful Blogger

Successful blogger step by step guide

Successful blogger step by step guide

Successful blogger step by step guide
Successful blogger step by step guide

Friends, in this post we will talk about how to be a successful blogger. There is no any defined rule to be a successful blogger. It needs hard work with full enthusiasm. Fortunately we have lots of opportunities to be a blogger, but all these go through dedication. If you are loyal with your work, and passionate towards your goal, no one will stop you becoming a successful blogger.

Being a successful blogger depends on various factors, some of them are below:


  • Why you are going to start blogging
  • Why you want to be a blogger
  • Who will be your readers is very significant factor

You should define your blogging objectives. It may be related to passion, hobbies, travelling, interest, health tips, education and many more. You may start it as a full time career but keep in mind it is time taking process. If you are financially strong then it is okay, if not then start blogging as a part can be a nice blogger without leaving your present job. So if you are in a job please don’t left before clear planning, it is my personal opinion.Try to set a time table for blogging.


Passion is the most important factor in blogging, it enables us to identify our skill. Without having clear passion, the journey towards blogging, is always incomplete, therefore you need to understand your passion.

What should you do to understand your passion? Remember, what you love to do without being paid is your passion, so try to find your passion. You may be passionate about singing, dancing, writing, teaching, engineering, making different food recipes etc. These may be your blogging topics.

Writing skill

To express your ideas, in written context, grammatical skill is required, because if you want to spread your message around the world everyone can not grab your native style of writing, it should be global standard. Your word power will enhance the content what you are going to write. But it doesn’t mean you have to write as a writer, you don’t need to be complicated, being simple is great. 


A blog post is the combination of texts, images, videos, audios and other stuffs. The sequence and arrangement of these stuffs attracts readers. They give more time on the post.


It is necessary to create some pages. These pages are necessary organs of your blog:

  • Home
  • About
  • Blog
  • Contact
  • Terms of uses
  • Privacy Policy

Without these pages your blog is incomplete.

Home: This is your the welcome page where visitors come to your blogging website via domain URL. The page should have enough description by which one can understand your website subject matter quickly. On my website, I have set home page as my latest post, therefore my blog page and home page are same. You may set it as static-front-page

About: This page describes about your blogging objectives. About page is the strength your website, therefore you should make it simple and clear understanding. If you have missions or visions, definitely write here.

Blog: A grid view or list view of your all articles can be shown here. Every article should have short descriptive view, with this, a visitor easily finds what he/she wants to read.

Contact: This page enables one who wants to query regarding your blog. Here you need to create a simple form asking required contact details of your visitor for replying back. You may create google map of your physical location.

Terms of use: Explain how the people can easily access your blog by accepting your website’s terms and conditions. If they do not want to accept the terms and conditions of your website they may leave.

To write terms and conditions page, there are many websites where you can create the page template. These templates are also acceptable for Google AdSense.

Privacy Policy: The most important page of your website is privacy policy. In this page you must explain why you need personal data of your visitors (like email, phone number, age, sex) and what you will do with the data. Never share your subscribers data with the others. Mention here about cookies policy. The one time message of cookies can be shown on your website.


Now its time to write articles. You are going to set your blog means you definitely have some ideas of what you are going to write. A topic gives you idea of another several topics. Suppose that you are a yoga instructor and going to write on it, then it is more chance the first title which comes in your mind is “What is yoga?”. After that you may decide many related titles:

yoga topic for blog
  • What are the benefits of yoga?
  • Importance of yoga in medical science
  • Different types of yoga
  • What is ashtanga yoga
  • Perfect time for yoga
  • Origin of Yoga science
  • Difference between Yoga and Pranayam. and many more…

Also you may write on some general topics like:

  • The best thing that I have done ever….
  • 5 Most famous things on internet
  • 10 ways to improve communication skill
  • 10 fantastic ideas to start business with pocket money cost. etc.

These are few topics, when you start writing, automatically you will get more ideas.

Writing style

Write the way you speak, this will increase your potential. Do not copy others. You are not going to get a higher degree like PhD. Write what you exactly think. When you read your article you will find that it is unique! Uniqueness makes one visible in crowd, so love what you write.

Basic concept of HTML and CSS

Having knowledge of basic concept of html and css is plus point. You can make the pages style of your blog as like as you want. You can understand menu and pages structure when you know basics of html and css.

Use images and videos

An image speaks more than a thousand words. Using images and short videos add clarity in your post. Use images wisely means, if you have less word and lots of images this will make your visitors confused. The ratio should be maintained. If your blog is based on text then the video length should be short in post, you may embed your YouTube videos.


This is important. Disclaimer notice makes your post reliable, and impacts on visitors positively.

Here is what I am saying, If you are not a doctor and your post is related to health then you must give disclaimer notice. For example:

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, I am just providing these information on behalf of my personal experiences and some good sources of information. The information is only for educational purpose. Before doing anything please consult your doctor.


It is good prctice for giving credits. If you use free images, videos, audios from a website then must give them credits in your post.

Read some nice blogs

Reading other’s blogs gives so much ideas for blogging, this way you can enhance yourself. When you read other’s blog you acquire many things like page structure, layouts, writing style, knowledge, word power and many more.

Be updated

Update yourself with new information by reading newspapers, magzines, books etc. Also keep your website source code updated. If you don’t update your website it will go slow. Be careful while updating, to keep your website away from any loss of data, back-up of your website before updating.

Be creative

Creativity attracts anyone, you may show your creative style of writing in your post. creativity can be found anywhere- in texts, in videos, in audios, in images or any other things


Good SEO practices lead to be a successful blogger.

SEO means search engine optimization. It plays very much important role for a website. It is the combination of techniques, to show the link of your website, on search engines page results.

With good seo you can rank your website on google 1st search results page. There are many tools available for seo, some of them freely available which are very useful. SEO by Yoast  plugin is awesome for a wordpress website. Although you will have to learn deeply, without good seo your website can not rank in google search. The process of seo involves lots of activities, not merely installing plugin, you will have to learn search console of google, bing, yahoo etc. You need to understand the role of key words. It will be very lengthy post, if I explain here. I will post it in SEO related topics. If you have any question regarding the post you can ask in comment box.

Categories and tags

All post should have properly categorized. This way a visitor can search the post by categories. Tags are the keywords which relates to the posts from other or same category. You should tagged your post with proper keywords.

Subscribe our blog

This is the box with email placeholder informing people to subscribe your blog via email if they want notification of your new post

Sharing on social media

This is the traffic technique. You can set your post auto share on facebook, google plus, twitter, pinterest etc. This will increase traffic on your website.

Friends, I tried to to explain how to start blogging to be a successful blogger. If there is any mistake or misguide please immediate inform me via comment box or contact page, I will definitely help you.

If you like my post, please share with your friends and want to get notified my new post then subscribe my post.

We will meet in next post, Thank you and enjoy!

With regards

Pradeep Karn

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